Ergonomic Office Stools – The Myth and the Reality

Human body is so complex; you can research as much as you want and still you would reach a point were you would be very confused. For example, it is commonly believed – that if you are sitting you are in a relaxed posture. But if you try to dig a little below the surface you would know how incorrect this statement is especially, when you have to sit for long hours at a stretch. There has to be a reason for people spending a fortune providing their employees with ergonomic office stools. 오피

Common thinking is that while you are sitting, your body is relaxed. However, in reality when you are sitting, the entire body weight transfers to your bottom and to your thighs and at the same time it stresses your back and neck to a great extent. Again a common belief that sitting for long can cause body ache and fatigue but then there is definitely more to it. When you are sitting for long hours the chances of getting excessive pressure on inter vertebral discs are quite high. The inter vertebral discs are basically the shock absorbing or the springy parts of your spinal chord. The blood flow is also affected as the blood flowing to the heart becomes sluggish. Considering all that, who would say that the sitting posture is relaxing?

The possibility that we don’t sit can’t be realistic especially while executing office work. Hence, there has to be a way out as you can’t let your body suffer the way it does while sitting for long. A solution is offered by ergonomic office stools. If you don’t have them in your office then you along with your colleagues should get together and demand the same from the management. As at the end of the day it is the responsibility of the employer to take care of the well being and productiveness of the employees.

In case you or any other member of your family spends many hours sitting like working on a computer then you should consider getting one of these ergonomic office stools for your home as well. These ergonomic office stools are designed keeping in mind the human body. They are expensive and if you are looking to buy one at a throw away price then chances are that it is actually not an ergonomic stool, it is just using the term to sell the stool well.

While you are out there purchasing the same, you should have done a little homework around these ergonomic office stools as you can’t blindly believe what the sales person tells you. You need to have an eye for what is being offered to you in the name of an ergonomic stool.