Does Your Bedroom Live Up to Those Swanky Hotel Rooms?

What do you look for in a hotel room, what makes the perfect bedroom when you’re staying in a swanky hotel? Obviously decor is important, there’s nothing quite as disappointing as turning up at a hotel which look fabulous online only to find that the luxury which the photographs promised is in fact luxury from a bygone era and the whole place needs a serious revamp. If your hotel room has carpet and curtains from the 1970s and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since then either then your holiday may not be quite as swanky as you’d imagined. 성남룸싸롱

Aside from dated decor, probably the next two most obvious indicators of a hotel not living up to its description on the website are the beds and the bathrooms. The bathroom is a tricky one because bathrooms can look dated and dirty very quickly because of the sheer footfall they experience and yet they’re expensive to replace and so hotels have to repaint and grout every couple of months to make sure each en suite looks as sparkling as possible. Many a hotel guest will have complained about a shabby bathroom over the years and this can mean the difference between a returning patron and one who tells all their friends categorically not to stay in that hotel.

As for the beds, you expect these to be big, with firm mattresses and crisp, clean, fresh white sheets and not only this but you don’t expect there to be a lump or crease in sight. The whole idea of sleeping in a bed which has been slept in by hundreds of people before you is a little strange in itself but you can deal with this fact just as long as it is cleaned and made to such a high standard that you wouldn’t even think about other people.

If you’ve ever stayed in a swanky hotel then, one which lives up to all expectations of what a luxury hotel looks like in your mind, you’ll know that while your bedroom at home is your bedroom and therefore always going to be nice, it would be nice to recreate some of the luxury of those hotel rooms. In doing so the best place to start is with the bed because you’ll never find a top quality hotel with a small, uncomfortable bed. Look into the range of big double beds available or if you have the space, king size beds automatically add an air of luxury and teamed with crisp Egyptian cotton sheets can transport you to a place of luxury every night